To All NE Spokane Residents

The Zone Project is a community initiative that brings NE Spokane residents and organizations together to achieve these results:

*All Children are Safe and Nurtured *Families Have what they Need to Thrive *Residents and Families are Connected to Neighborhood and Schools

We have several ways for NE Spokane families to engage:

One option is the one on one Family Mentoring and Goal Setting. We have Family Advocates available at: Logan and Stevens Elementary Schools, Parkview Early Learning Center, Northeast Community Center, Shaw Middle School, and the Northeast Youth Center. Through whole family wrap around supports, families goal set with their Family Advocate and then access resources they need based on those goals. The workshops and peer groups are offered with the Zone Whole Family approach: no cost, conveniently located, with babysitting and food provided. Examples include Financial Stability Planning and Vaping Education, both which offer at the same time separate training for youth and adults in the family.

We also have Family Resource Coordinators (FRCs) at many of the schools in The Zone (NE Spokane).

Working about 8 hours a week per school, FRCs connect community organizations, families, and schools to support family engagement, a greater sense of belonging, and to assist in meeting the social, health, education and economic goals of students and their families. Examples of what an FRC would coordinate is the Mobile Food Bus at a school event, or a family education night around a topic of interest.

Our Zone Expanded Learning Program Coordinator supports after-school and summer programming so students can achieve academic and social-emotional milestones which contribute to success in school, overall health, and career exploration for pre-school through high school students.

For updates on programming and resources offered for Zone families and students, please add your name to our email list at the bottom of our home page, or email Nathan Hamilton

Are you a NE Spokane resident who wants to co-lead our Zone work? Contact Nathan for opportunities to contribute your voice and talents. Thank you.



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